Robert T. McMunn1

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Robert T. McMunn|b. 1864|../g1/p1266.htm|William McMunn|b. c 1823\nd. Feb 1874|../g0/p933.htm|Albina Hyde Holmes|b. c 1832\nd. 31 Aug 1896|../g0/p926.htm|Dr. John McMunn|b. 1797\nd. 1864|../g12/p12776.htm|Eleanor M. Walker|b. c 1800|../g12/p12777.htm|William H. Holmes|b. 1794\nd. 1 Jul 1864|../g0/p921.htm|Ellen O'Donnell|b. c 1806\nd. 11 Jan 1865|../g0/p922.htm|
FatherWilliam McMunn1 (c 1823-Feb 1874)
MotherAlbina Hyde Holmes1 (c 1832-31 Aug 1896)
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Robert T. McMunn was born in 1864 at Manning River, New South Wales.1 He was the son of William McMunn and Albina Hyde Holmes.1

Robert T. McMunn married Emma Browne in 1889 at Sydney.2


1864BirthManning River, New South Wales1


Emma Browne (c 1865-1923)


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